Born and raised by Icelandic parents in Denmark, Gunnar Freyr has always had a love for Iceland and a desire to live in his home country. In 2014, he decided to quit his corporate job in consulting and accounting. He sold all his belongings and purchased a one-way ticket to Iceland – where his heart finally felt at home. Suit and tie were quickly replaced by Icelandic sweaters knitted by his mom, and much of his time spent out in the incredible landscapes which have come to define his reality in so many ways.

Self-taught photographer, Gunnar Freyr added the photographers school in Reykjavik to his list of projects in 2016 – but his successful projects and overwhelming desire to explore his home country brought him back into the wild in 2017.

He is currently working with several local and international brands, doing projects ranging from landscape, wildlife, lifestyle and product photography.

Gunnar Freyr is an official Canon Nordic Photographer


Icelandic Explorer Media Ehf.

The company was founded by Gunnar Freyr in 2017 as part of his creative journey. Today, the company is involved in various photography and video projects, productions as well as expeditions and tours in Iceland and Greenland.

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Dagverðarnesi 72 
311 Borgarnes

Phone: +3548927661

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